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Oh Come All Ye Earthlings...

Oh gather, awakened souls, in triumphant embodiment, Amidst the 3D remnants, reclaim your empowerment. No longer bound by illusory power's grasp, Unleash the essence within, break free from the grasp. No longer shall we let conglomerates decide, Earth and it’s people’s well-being left to their callous stride. Tired we've grown, of leaders who follow their lead, Time to rise as one, with resilience, take heed. With hearts aligned, unyielding in our quest, We'll dismantle the systems that spark unrest. When Unified we stand, our voices exponential, A chorus of change, springs from kindness in all places. Oh come, peace based warriors, unwavering and true, Together let’s dismantle what's unjust and undue. Triumph awaits on the horizon's gleam, As we reclaim our power, fulfill our dream. No more distracted and divided, no longer confined, We can shape a world where compassion is enshrined. In awakened embodiment, our spirits fly, On wings of unconditional love we can soar high. Oh come, faithful souls, embrace the triumphs, Where collective power swells, and injustice slumps. No more taking scraps from those who disdain, We rise united, our freedom to attain.

In awakened embodiment, our spirits soar, No longer settling, seeking something more. The time has come to reclaim our might, United, we'll forge a future bathed in light.

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