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Stories to the Stars

Carole Mitchell

Awesome session Delany!

I received so much from it, it was huge for me. I loved connecting with a like minded soul for a start and someone with a nice clear perspective and no agenda other than to absolutely support my highest transformation and someone who has some really state of the art, easiest and most effective, immediate tools to get the transformation done.


Helen Collings

Thank you Delany ,for a wonderful session with you , where we worked on my Self-worth.      Within days I noticed shifts! 

In particular 3 small wins on the lottery ,in the same week and a refund in overcharges from my bank. A wonderful start , because , I never win anything.! I am walking taller and feeling more connected too. Thank

you for so many lovely surprises!


Shelly Okun 

I had my private session with dear Delany this morning and it was beyond words, a true gift. We went deep to the core and I ended up full of joy energy to create. It's a blessing to be able to see all the strengths of mine and acknowledge the light I am in this world. Especially I loved that you offered to include all my environment, my home and its content in the molecules while expanding. What else is possible? Much gratitude and Love ♥


Anna Gyongyi Domotor 

Thank you Delany, and yes it feels wonderful, I wake up feeling full of Joy and as I repeat the expanding exercise I can feel my wholeness return to my centre and I can feel the energy and Love fill up inside of me. It feels fantastic and with the vital energy I have in my centre!! . 



Things move with ease and grace even when everything may seem chaotic, I don't feel restricted but rather just present in the moment as I move from one thing to the next.I definitely recommend Delany. 

Cellina Schmidt

Wow since i bought pkg B the other day i have won a pro photoshoot(not incl. The pictures printed)...My husband won welding equipment and today i got a pay rise.

This is so f****** wild and I am so blown Away.


Denise Porter

I just found out I won a movie pkg with the hospital lottery ticket I bought. I have been buying these tickets for years with no win! Thank you universe. Something is changing!


Rosanne Zaccagnino

Awesome!! And . . . I just signed a contract for a $57,000 kitchen that I designed. What else is truly possible beyond our imagination?


Theresa Rodrigues

Delaney and I have had our one on one today and it was enlightening and to the core. I will continue to move forth with EASE. Looking forward to all the great encounters.



Thank You, Delany Delaney

I feel better, after our call; more focused, more supported. I feel I'm going in the right pointed direction. Your energy is helping me narrow my focus without losing the big picture.


Dorene Hamilton

What a wonderful session I had with Delany Delaney. She is so honest and spiritually in your face. I love her! Her energy was wonderful and I am working on everything she told me to do and not to do! LOL. New doors are opening and I am stepping into my future self. Thank you!


Well, I'm happy to report some nice shifts since my session. I booked a job on a hit TV show. I was hired to read a few pages in a major Audiobook to be released next year. And my script has been selected to be workshopped at a major film festival. Things are happening! How can it get any better than this! 😁👏💖


Karen Davis Black

I simply cannot express the impact our session last night had on me. Before the session, I was feeling like a fish out of water, without clarity, lacking confidence in stepping into my power and my gifts, struggling financially. During our session you helped me release so much shit that was holding me back from loving myself, BEing myself. I always love to laugh and laugh often, but you seem to have taken that to a whole new level for me! The laughter went deeper, to another layer of my healing. After our session I felt more confident, more powerful, happier. 


Archana Reddy

Hi everyone!

I had my session yesterday and what power! I felt confused during parts of the session, however re listening to it, I realised Delany Delaney got right to core of matters She honed in on the real stuff (instead of the half truths I was telling myself) and pulled out issues that I had stuffed down. Delany has definitely shone a light in an area I was trying to ignore and stuff down.


Jewel (Juline) 

The session with Delaney was amazing. Felt years of tightness and construction start to unravel and break up. As a head person, I was able to feel more into my body. 

A clearing of the stuckness and being weighed down. To let go of patterns that do not allow be to be really “seen” and allow the next level of abundance in.



OMG, Your soul voice is so powerful. My whole body is tingling and I'm actually able to listen while doing things. Real Magic!!!

As I started the recording of the Soul Voice MP3, I felt that flow of energy in moving from my feet and flowing up through my meridians and into my belly, heart and third eye.

AND... I slept so well. ANOTHER thing that I noticed when I was delivering my class this morning was, the hissing that has been in my ears at various levels, low to extreme, has been silent today!!!! You are total MAGIC, Delany Delaney!!!


Denise Porter 

Thank YOU ! Delaney was able to break through the barriers I had put up and gently guided me to reconnect to my body and trust my intuition. I could literally feel goosebumps as I connected to source and sent energy around my body. I have worked with an extensive number of energy healers and some are better than others but Delaney was exceptional. She was able to make me connect to my inner warrior princess in one session and to feel hope for the future. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the VIP program to completely eradicate any barriers and reconnect with my divine birthright of joy and abundance.


Zdenka Mazourek

Such an incredible powerful session 🙏thank you Delany ❤️

 i feel energized today, in a different way than usually - more natural, and it seems that it will sustain. I can’t wait for another call, although it’s 3 am here, but it’s so worthy to be on actual call. To say thank you is not enough ,Delany ❤️💃🎶


Jewel (Juline) 

This program speaks to me. 

I’m learning to ”find myself at the center or my own reality” minute by minute, second by second. Being expansive is awesome. I’m the first to admit the fear trying to direct me. But the more I own my space and go out instead of contracting, the better I feel.

Just a few weeks before I joined the program I was advised to ”be big, like Jupiter, ” my ruling planet. No coincidences here. 


Bettina Laux 

“Delany, you helped me to connect with my very source in a way I never had before. The exercises we did, how you coached me through various topics that came up, really helped me to become aware of where I am holding myself back - and already letting things go throughout the session. 

I received so much in this one session. 


The atmosphere you create..I would almost call it a kind of Mother Earth atmosphere - that made it so easy to connect with that natural part of who I am and all of my potentials for creating - my business, my life.

You intuitively hit the spot time after time. And we were able to unfold some amazing awarenesses. 


Julie Hall

Life turned around so fast and in so many ways it was incredible.

I got a job as a counsellor with most of my work being at home. This allowed me to run the house and continue to work on creating my own business. It was the easiest I’d ever got a job and I was impressed with the acknowledgement of my skills. We could pay the rent!

It didn’t stop there though. My body turned on for the first time years. I stopped hiding and pretending I was totally shy and I remembered I could have and be FUN! Not only that, I began to lead up the fun. I stepped into my leadership abilities! My relationship with my husband improved too.That was in March 2019. 

Delany has this ability to shine a light on what you can’t see or don’t want to see that’s stopping you. She has this space of no judgment and lightness. She knows how to make this fun, what an inspiration.

Through Delany’s trust in her intuitive knowing, I’ve been inspired to trust me. 


Trish Brown 

 Without fail, my sessions with Delany create more ease, space and a deeper connection with my body and my own knowing.  

I found a house near the ocean and I knew it was the one and we had to compete for it in an auction!      

I worked with Delany from the start. We got the house amidst stiff competition and within our budget! 

In my 20 year marriage she’s helped me to know how to operate without constantly projecting, blaming and judging my husband. Our relationship is now way more fun and easy.  


Jen McFarlane. UK

Delany gifted me with an energy and the 'tools ' to come out of the place of doubt and smallness. The blocks that stopped me from having more are gone. I have more. And I can now recognise them myself and melt them away. I have trained in many therapies over a period of thirty years and none has gifted me so much in so short a time. Delany’s work is new, its fun it has created so much more expansion in my world


Tracy Howlett. UK 

Delany’s work with children is unique and inspirational. She has assisted my daughter with self confidence issues which were affected her mental health and also her abilities with performing arts, particularly singing. Just two sessions with Delany have released and changed more for my daughter than many (many) singing lessons and attempts at therapy elsewhere have got anywhere near to achieving. I am so grateful for this, it is wonderful to hear my daughter singing, speaking out and performing so confidently.


Erica Brown. UK

Getting my life so much better organised and re-directed as a result of our sessions. More care-free, more relaxed and I’m able to express myself more clearly. It has set in motion (finally!) engaging with my writing and a whole lot more. Exciting times ahead. Thank YOU! Xxx


Annora Longhurst.

I’m running at life without the brakes on now. I easily make time for myself, my people AND business with the ability to jump into inspired action… right now! It feels like I’m playing - I’ve let go of all the pressure I put on myself to prove anything to anyone. I’ve increased my gratitude for the financial position that we already had and business continues to grow. More clients, more money and more projects with my business Permamamma Magnesium Creams. I have new collaborations with other businesses interested in health and healing - we’ve got new products which are amazingly effective. I’m following through these days and it feels easy. People around me benefit from awareness, kindness and creativity … deepening as I continue to learn and grow with Delany. Delany is sharing the fast track for healers and empaths to get real with their finances… and live happy lives!


Richard Sawyer 

Through her work I have learned to be in gratitude, to love and to be present in every single moment. My shyness and confidence has virtually disappeared and my find I react to unpleasant situations with laughter and joy! Delany really excels in getting to the bottom of what is troubling you! Even the most uncomfortable emotions and negative thought patterns are exposed to her light in her presence..I am excited to continue to work with her as her abilities expand and we all continue to grow on her 12 month programs!


Ludmilla Schmidt. 

Delany you helped me to see the beauties of this reality. 

I became aware of the contribution I am making to the world.

An infinite gratitude for you, your energy, your sweetness, your kindness. I know that nothing separates me from the beauty, the fun, the infinite benevolence of the universe.

Thank You


Andrea Oberwinkler. 

So much has changed from Working with Delany. The impact on the whole dynamic within our family continues to grow and make life easier, happier. 

I once had to control everything. I now find it so much easier to let go and allow things to change and flow to me. I have learnt to step aside, not back, and to get out of my own way and allow the Universe to deliver beyond the limitation of my expectations.

Since unlocking my telepathic abilities through Delany’s training, the four of us now communicate telepathically more than I could have imagined. 

This has improved all our relationships and all communication, including mine with my husband!.


Patricia Reynolds. UK

Before Delany I’d desperately been seeking change. No matter what tools I tried, nothing seemed to shift things. I felt stuck and frustrated. There were so many things I wanted to change but felt like there were constant barriers in my way. One session with Delany and it felt like everything that was holding me back suddenly shifted. I instantly felt free and my whole world felt like it was full of possibilities. Soon after working with Delany, opportunities started showing up out of nowhere. Doors are finally opening. I’ve finally learned to trust my awareness and follow my knowing. I’m having a lot of fun creating a life that’s true for me. Thank you Delany, I’m so grateful for you! xx


Tanya USA 

I spent the entire month's budget on trips every month for the next 3 months and lots of beautiful things that I have been desiring. With absolutely no idea how I would get through the rest of the month. Well, the end of the month came and even though I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION OF MAKING MUCH MONEY, I HAVE MORE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT TODAY THAN I HAVE FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS. WHAT?!!? That's some seriously crazy magic. 



Already this week, I received an upgrade on my hotel room to a suite and breakfast each morning!

And I won prizes at an event I was at!! HDIGBTT?! 


Keryn, Adelaide

I had made a choice to significantly change my financial reality. The work was so much fun and the energy of each call was off the charts! From the very first call things began to change and by the end I knew that I had just raised the bar on what was possible for me with money. Woo hoo! What else is possible? 


Sonja Callant

Grateful because the day I signed up for this course I won over 1300€ 


Sharee Fennel 

How does it get better than this? I just had a super quick session with Delany Delaney, 15 mins was all it took, to change things up in my world... Back Pain is gone, body is happy, poor pathetic me has be replaced with now what is possible and lets get this shit happening? 


Wendy Anne Schober 

I was attempting to get life right and to not be wrong, I often sat in silence. I am now confident to laugh and change and ask more questions. 

Delany has a capacity to see energetic patterns and a matrix that can be rearranged, this continues on long after the class. 

I have more kindness for me and others, I’m more present in my body and more fun. 

I keep asking for what lights me UP and I’m getting it. I am able to speak up in my relationship and at work from a space of more possibilities, thats was a huge one for me!!!Yippee!!!! 

Delany showed me how, surprisingly, being a leader can be fun and light. Being a leader in your own life is about cultivating trust, confidence and gratitude in yourself.


Ambar Culhane, 

Delany lifted the pain from my body with her intuition and gift for healing. 

Since that day onwards my pain has not returned. The feeling of not being comfortable in my own skin is also gone. I feel aligned and healed in a way I can only describe as peace within myself again.This whole session took no more than 7 mins whilst listening to a man recite poetry. Miraculous, amazing! Thank God for you Delaney Delaney. You are a gift to us all.


Denise Winterer-Eggler 

YES ♥️ thank you for todays call Delany. It was so great my Grandma forgot to take her walking stick at the end of the energy activation ✨🦄 So grateful


Irit Israel

I am full with gratitude to you and the wonderful and empowering way you have inspired and contributed to me!Embracing my telepathic abilities is creating so much more joy and ease in my world.


Joke Veitch-Vaneechoutte

Delany you have given me and lots of others a voice, and the power to accept, to receive their own voice and the knowledge that they could and can do more than they ever thought possible. I now sing and play my ukulele for age care patients and make their day just a little better. without you I never would have had the courage to do that as I did not think/acknowledge I could do such a thing. Thank you!

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