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Welcome to

The WOW Revolution's


5D Fire Up

Wealthy Orgasmic Women Creating a New Reality... ...Together

Without Ignition the vehicle ain't goin' anywhere๐Ÿ˜Ž

Do you ever judge your body, ignore it or punish it? (up to 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies )

*Ignition will Increase your body connection and confidence, and allow you to experience more ease and feel relaxed even in these intense times.

Do you prioritise pleasure or have limits on how much pleasure you will receive?

*Ignition is the space to Discover new pathways to personal pleasure and clarity?

Are their thoughts and beliefs that stop you from appreciating and enjoying your body right now?

*Ignition can Fast track releasing constraints, restraints, and the multitude of misgivings and judgements, misinformation and minimising of the magical gifts that women have in abundance?

Do you know and engage the power of creating with pleasure in all areas of your life?

*Ignition will Increase how much pleasure you can receive with your body, relationships and business?

*Enhance your Sensual Superpowers, including Telepathy?

*Create Wealthy Living with More EASE?

The time is now for the Rise & Global Expansion of the Feminine Energy Divine.

Women and men have access to all the energies.

And We, as Women have a vital role to play in this 5D Energy Awakening!

With everything going on it's a time-sensitive matter! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Don't ya think?

Expanding the energy of all that is Creative, Nurturing, Generous, Strong, Caring, Vulnerable, Intuitive, Collaborative and Receiving.

All that is the Fire of Creation.

Connecting with the Earth.


Women are built for pleasure, really think about this for a moment.

Anatomically we are, that Captivating Clitoris has 8000+ pleasure receptors.

And, think about when you create the most dynamically, it's all linked with you feeling good, isn't it?

That doesn't mean there isn't a challenge, that can be a part of the pleasure.

We are here to experience and embrace embodiment.

It's not about disregarding our bodies, blaming them, shaming them, disconnecting from them or making living about what comes next.

The more you know you, your body, and what lights you up, turns you on... the more your life creation flows with more ease, clarity, good old happiness and gratitude.

This reality has twisted what pleasure is, what sensuality, sexuality, even what copulation is.

It's time for us to know what we desire, how to receive it, and how to ask for it.

We will explore and embody the Principles of Pleasure.

And with;

*Powerful QuestionS

*Radical Release Techniques

*Interactive Exercises

* 'Take-Away' Practices

What will it create to launch your Body Connection, Receiving and Creation to a whole other stratosphere?

What if truly acknowledging and embracing your Pleasure Zone is the change you've been seeking?

Come play and join us on this discovery adventure!

This event has 2 parts!

1x Deep Dive Call & 1x Q&A Check in call.

You can bring your questions to the Deep Dive call!


You'll also receive the recordings and a workbook



SUNDAY 27th MARCH 2022 12.30pm NZ time.

Check your time here:


MONDAY 28th MARCH 2022 8am NZ time

What is the Pleasure Zone?

How do I find it?

I know do I grow it?

When it comes to creating with your 'Pleasure Zone' do You ever think....

*I don't have the time

*Now's not the right time

*It doesn't matter

*It's too late

*I'm too old, too fat, too thin, TOO MUCH!

*I have to do all this stuff first

*I can only handle so much pleasure

*It's too much hard work

*WTF is 'My Pleasure Zone'?

What if you could;

You Can!!

Sound Touch Breath Motion


Personally 2020 and 2021 were years that saw me begin a transformation with my body that truly is nothing short of miraculous!

From being wracked with pain to the point of not being able to walk on a beach or swim in the ocean to now being able to walk forest tracks, build gardens and enjoy sex with my partner again.

And so much more than all that. WOW!

I intimately know what it is to turn down and lose connection with the immense power of my Pleasure Zone.

I also know the radical change that comes with reconnecting and amplifying those Sensual Superpowers .

Sign up today for... Discovery, Release & Gifts





Intuitive Superpowers


Body -Source Communication


Blocks that stop you engaging with the power source that resides with you always.

The hangups, resistance and stories that minimise pleasure, joy, and peace...

The doubt...Trust Yourself & Know what you're here for

Fears, judgment and the remnants of rejection.


Receive more of YOU and the abundance and ease that the Universal Source is gifting continuously.

Receive the grace, honouring, vitality and acknowledgment that you deserve!


Your investment is $47

I can't wait to see YOU!

Please contact me with any questions at

Delany presents her unique blend of Sound Energy Healing, Supersonic Awareness, Channeled Light Language and Multi-dimensional Wisdom with kindness, Earthy pragmatism, Orgasmic pleasure and laughter that lights up the dark!

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