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Arise  & Awaken  with

Abundance & Pleasure



YOU can go beyond all fear and hesitation


YOU can release trauma and the blocks that stop you from having the true Pleasure of Living that is available to YOU! 

YOU can embrace your energetic gifts and abilities with EASE.

(calling all Empaths 😉)

"And I can contribute to YOU embracing embodiment and having the life you are asking for with Joy."

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Rise Up!


The 5 week Women Centred Immersion 


Tune-In to Your Authentic Divinely

Inspired Self


Turn Your Embodied Power Source-On & -Up with Pleasure


Create the Future that's Right for You! 

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About Delany

"She exudes an almost mystical quality that

melts barriers, connects people to their

bodies and essence in a way that they can

no longer deny the brilliance of their true,

authentic self".

No matter what is holding you back or keeping you stuck she will assist you in changing your broken record.

With years of experience working with people from all walks of life Delany is a gateway to accessing freedom, joy, abundance and wealth codes.

With kindness and excitement she creates a space of safety allowing people to step out of their comfort zone to let go of all the pretence and stories…and release their voice in a BIG way!

Delany started out life as an ‘extreme empath’ in a family filled with doubt, dark, abuse and hiding.

She did everything trying to numb the pain…


though NOTHING could stop her treading the path of a Truth Seeker and Healer!

For years she looked for answers outside of herself, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on courses and gurus. While at the same time being a channel for bringing in new energies accelerating the global awakening.

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Her creative work with people ‘labelled’ disabled, including telepathic communication and the magic of their contribution… changed the lives of so many!

Her goal became granting people the ability to operate in this reality with ease. She has helped so many people who desperately wanted to contribute something special to the world, who were either too scared or didn’t think they were ‘ready’ to be seen.

She opened up their world… allowing their authentic voice and presence in the world to shine an eternal light!

Her clients have experienced life-changing results by becoming more deeply connected with themselves, their bodies and their voices more than EVER before!.

Side effects include: Rejuvenated Relationships, Confidence, Clarity of Purpose and Direction, More Wealth, More Money, New Careers and Way More Happiness!

Through her guidance you will discover and enhance your talents and capacities and step into being the LEADER in your own life!

Delany has travelled Australia and the World… performing and facilitating

with tons of people and groups. As said by many - 'she is the real deal'!

Consciousness, healing, spiritual growth & connection, love & PLEASURE@

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