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You & Your Delicious Body Have Everything

You Need Right at Your Fingertips!

Create the Life You Desire and Deserve! 


  • If you have ever felt broken, hopeless, helpless, confused, stuck, blocked, bored,                          over it ... a failure or a fraud! (That is not the truth of You! )

  • If you’ve done so many programs you’ve lost count! (It's all part of the journey)

  • If you’ve cleared and cleared and cleared blocks in this life, past lives, family lines,                contracts and still feel like you’re not getting there…(You Are, all that work got you here!)

  • Or maybe you just require a high-powered boost with a glorious goddess community to          cheer you on!


Then “The WOW Revolution” is here for YOU!

A potent blend of Pragmatic Magic  

Radiant  , Energetic Communication and ('Practical do we need this word') Experiential Systems!

Are YOU ready to Live Your Dreams in This Lifetime?

Are You Ready to Live the "Principles of Pleasure"?


Imagine living everyday able to connect and tap into the....

Joy, Gratitude, Pleasure, Beauty, Elegance, EmPowerment, Naughtiness, Raw, Real, Kindness, Creativity, Intuition, Self-Confidence and Wealth that is your birthright?

Imagine having a deep seated knowing of your own Power, Wisdom, Spirituality and Authentic Beauty exactly as You are? No matter what's going on around you!

Being a woman is a sacred gift!

 "The Principles of Pleasure" 

  • You are at the Centre of Your World

  • Your Body is your Guide and True Companion

  • Know what Turns You On and Lights You Up

  • Embrace & Enjoy Every Moment of Your Desire - it's the journey not just the destination

  • Be Gratitude

  • Live with Curiosity and Wonder.

In this first phase of the WOW Revolution we will be setting the stage for your life to be the grand production you've been dreaming of. 

Does it take commitment? YES!

Is it worth it? YES! 

Are YOU worth it? YES!

A 2 hour Intensive Life Mapping and Live ACE Event

(Activate, Clear, Expand with channeled Sound Transformation) so you get really clear on your desired future reality in all areas of your life! 


You’ll have your overall vision - that which engages and inspires 

Wealth & Abundance

Body Love and the Power of Orgasmic Energy  

Real Relationships

Adventurous Living

A weekly “Create Your Life” session. 

Setting your targets for the week

Rewire those creation pathways and recode 


A weekly ‘Check In’, Celebration, Decompression session


Booster Topic Video broadcasts and interactive events through the program


Juicy Body Love: Tantalizingly Tantric. Tips and exercises to have you and your body loving each other and zinging and singing! 


Channelling Playshop: 

Telepathy - Energy as your first language

Focus on Finances

Family Dynamically! (Yes it’s getting to that ‘Christmas time of year’ so lets make this easy & fun!!) 


Ignite your curiosity

Deepen your connection with yourself and your body

Implement systems that will assist you to have forward momentum

fortuna 1.jpg

As this 3D reality crumbles and division, separation, fear, confusion and overwhelm run rampant. 

It's a priority for you to be the energy and Consciousness required to create a new reality.

After 5000 years of repression....

Now is the time for the Power of the Feminine Divine to Transform this Reality  

& It Needs YOU!

When We Connect with Our Divine  Power and Live with the "Principles of Pleasure",                        Everything we’ve dreamed of and more Is Possible!             

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