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People who work with Delany experience A Deep Connection with themselves,
the Planet and with Divine Consciousness, the Source of Creation that we’re All a part of.

Delany has been given the gift of ‘Shining a Light’ so that people can recognize what they are often hiding from

themselves and what is holding them back from all that they desire and deserve in this life!


She makes this very easy on the Soul while illuminating your inner being.

People find confidence and are able to move forward with their own personal journey. They can create and flourish without feeling stuck any longer!

True Freedom For Releasing Your Own Authentic Voice!

Through the years, Delany has been featured in Newspapers, on Radio and TV as a performer (singer / songwriter) and as the creator of a Disability Arts Movement called PAKTI (Power of Arts: Keys to Inclusion). Recently Delany has been featured on From Heartache To Joy and has been highly regarded with numerous comments that She is the DEAL!

Private Sessions

Please Book Online in the Online Store tab above.

The cost for a private session is $197 for 1hr-1.5hr session 
Sessions are usually done via Zoom or Skype. (unless otherwise arranged)

Prices are in US$, if you live outside Europe, U.K or U.S.A then a discount code is

available. (due to currency disadvantage)


Group Sessions

Delany loves working with large groups or more smaller more intimate groups.

Please contact me for details!

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