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Rise Up

A 5 week Immersion With Delany Delaney

Begins May 22nd 2022 - 11am Auckland NZ time.

Tune-In to Your Authentic Divinely Inspired Self
Turn-On & -Up your Embodied Power Source with Pleasure
Create the Future that's Right for You!

Women-Centred Wealthy Living





If you’re reading this I know you’re a woman who’s asking for more.

More presence and clarity. To be in high vibrational frequencies with love, safety and deep connection


I'm so grateful you're here, with the Earth right now!


One thing we can be certain of in these times we live in is... Uncertainty! There is so much information, so many agendas and it's easy to be overwhelmed or to switch off. 

How do we navigate through the mayhem, not just surviving but thriving?


Now, more than ever before...

We are being called to Trust in ourselves, Embody and Catalyse the energy of our  5D+ futures. And...

With Fierce Resilience, and Abundant Awareness be the Irrepressible Triumphant Goddess with Pleasure.

Your unique gifts, talents and abilities are in demand!

(Even if you have your doubts about what they are or if you can)

It's time to be more than ‘ok’ with being uncomfortable.

You can be a catalyst for unprecedented growth and positive change by becoming who you were meant to be in this lifetime.

You can Seize the tremendous opportunity that’s here for you to RISE and be a LIGHT for others & our world.


It's time for Beautiful You to Flourish, Thrive and Sparkle !


Pleasure is not just a frivolous, hedonistic add-on.

Pleasure with Awareness exponentialises your body, mind & spirit connection.

It transports you to a blissful space of quantum creation.


Pleasure is one of Your Superpowers!

The ‘Rise Up’ 5 week Immersion is for You to...  

🔆 Increase trust in yourself. Be authentically You with confidence.

🔆 Discover the prosperity power in your voice.

🔆 Be the Seer, crystal clear with your future self and the pathways of ease to get there.   

🔆 Recode your subconscious programming, let go of traumas, grief, stop points and regrets!

🔆 Release cellular stagnance and strengthen resilience 

🔆 Engage your Pleasure Superpowers  

🔆 Dive deep into the 5 Levels of Pleasure 

🔆 Learn techniques to optimise your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

🔆 Discover Empowering Pleasure Centre Hacks that build self-confidence and clarity.

🔆 Explode your FUN quotient 

When Conscious Awareness and Pleasure merge Nothing Can Stop You!

What you'll receive when you join 'Rise Up'

  • 5 Weekly Live Zoom Calls with

  • Recordings sent to your inbox.

  • PDF Handouts each week

  • Videos and audios with exercises and tools to keep you moving forward

  • A Secret Facebook group to connect with other phenomenal women. To share experiences and wisdom, ask questions, request information and celebrate together. This is also the home of 'pop-up' live broadcasts with extra inspiration, information and practices to keep you engaged and inspired!

  • Special bonus gifts!

  • Every week includes the potent SARCHEE. 

      Sound harmonic healing including channeled light language

      Activation of crystalline codes and superpower pathways

      Release of blocks, traumas, ancestral line dysfunction and the lies stopping you 

      Clarity with connection and presence

      Healing ability upgrades for self, others, animals and the Earth

      Expansion of Awareness, Conscious Creation.


Week One
Week 1 rev.png

From the Earthly to the Divine, all is connected. Now is the time to Savour Your Truth.

Surrender to Your knowing.

Let go of resistance and dive deep into the

5 Levels of Pleasure.

  • The Sensual

  • Harmonious Intimacy

  • Aligned Action & Purpose

  • Creative Inspiration

  • Spirit Immersion

Week Two
week 2 rev2.png

Now is the hour to

  • Embrace new Creation Technologies

  • Know with confidence you're creating for You

  • Activate & Acclimate Money & Wealth 5D Ease 

  • Recall & Release the best version of You

  • Recode trauma, blocks, auto-response systems

  • Resonate the frequency of your desires

  • Pragmatic actions sprinkled with Magic

Week Three
Week 3 Body Whispering (3).png

Your body is calling you to

  • Discover the Anatomy of Pleasure & Happiness 

  • Commune with the Principles of Pleasure 

  • Develop a new paradigm of Embodiment

  • Be fluent in the Language of Your Body

  • Exponentialise your phenomenal capacities for healing yourself and others

  • Receive the delicious gifts your body can share

  • Turn on tips & Pleasure hacks to go

Week Four
Week 4 (3).png

It's time for a different relationship with you, the Earth, Animals, and everyone else!

  • Know what and who is 'right for you'

  • Embrace the 'Business' of Being

  • Transactional inspiration

  • Empathic exploration the easy way

  • Channeling for the greater good

  • Harmonic Intimacy

  • Confidently ask and receive what you require in ways that work!

Week Five
Harmonic Convergance (1).png

Interconnectedness. WooWoo time!

What is above, is below, through & round this multiverse.

Spiritual ascension is always reaching for new heights and transcending old limiting habits, beliefs, mindsets, and ways of being

  • Enhance your inner evolution and expansion of the mind, heart, or soul.

  • Activate Crystalline Receptors and Pineal Powers

  • Claim your choice point for a New Earth

  • Open your Heart to the Pleasure of Living and know the Peace that is

  • Be the Goddess


Most of us were taught that pleasure is not necessarily a good thing.

That it is somehow shallow and certainly not spiritual or lasting more than a moment.

Or that it's only about sex, chocolate or hot, steamy baths.

It definitely includes these and it's SO MUCH MORE!

What will change when we broaden and embrace what pleasure truly can be?

We are here for an embodiment adventure.

To experience the magic, the highs, the lows, & everything in between, of being in a body.

Truly & Deeply connected with this body.


We are here to, Remember; Expand our consciousness; Contribute our gifts and abilities.


To gift and receive joy!


We are neurologically and physically wired for pleasure. 

When we do or think about things that make us feel good, our brain sends chemical messengers on the dopamine highway to the reward centre.

This tells you, wow this is great, we gotta have more of this. 

We get to feel how we are thinking!!!


So what does this tell us about Pleasure?


Pleasure with awareness inspires, drive us, & make us feel glad and grateful to be alive. 

It is being driven by unconscious pleasure-seeking that can create problems like dissatisfaction, anxiety & addiction.

Pleasure with presence will unveil aspects, places, and spaces within ourselves that were once mysteries.


Sidebar ALERT: Being women, we have a Clitoris that has no other job than to gift pleasure. 8000 pleasure receptors just waiting for connection. 

Why are we talking about Pleasure?

Uplifting Uploads...
                     Igniting Inspiration...
                                     Transcendental Tranquility...
                                                                Gifting Gratitude...

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the blueprint for the reality you’re creating. 

Pasting a positive overlay doesn’t result in you having everything you’re asking for does it?

Maybe you have all the elements and yet it feels like it's not coming together...

Or something is missing......

If you feel:

🚩 Stress

🚩 Anxiety 

🚩 Confusion

🚩 Information Overload...


🚩 find yourself going into overwhelm or disconnection just to 'get through'?

🚩 feel lackluster, dissatisfied, or struggle to do what's required to be happy, calm, and clear.

🚩 judge your body and refuse its wisdom and contribution


We have powerful practices to raise your vibration, grounding you with the 5D Earth, facilitating deep body connection and amplification of your telepathic and energetic abilities.

We have tools to release implants and anti-conscious energies.

Processes to Disable Auto-Response systems and increase clarity with presence....

And more

"Through my own experiences and having worked with thousands of people over the past 40 years

I know what’s required to... Rise Up! 

No matter the heartbreak, disappointments, past experiences, or current challenges". 

I know how to live a wealth-filled life created with Pleasure & an ever-expanding connection with my body, mind, spirit, the Earth, and the Source of all Creation.

The peace and harmony this delivers fills me with gratitude 

Let us Rise Up, Together! 

delany_with pink flowers.png

It's Your Future.....Just go there....

You have vitality, kindness and caring with your body and focus on what's right about you.

You listen to your body's wisdom and deliver what it's asking for.

Truly receiving the beauty of you exactly as you are right now! 

You are a Pleasure Virtuoso. Receiving and fueled by more Pleasure than ever before.

You know with peace centred clarity what you desire for your life.  And your living it!

How much fun is this?!

You are intimately connected with your deepest desires. Even the ones that used to be secret!

You radiate confidence, asking for what you desire in ways that are an invitation for it to show up. From the Universe, your partner, family, friends and your boss, (even when that's you!)

You know what you're here to contribute. Some call it 'finding your purpose'.

Your happiness quotient is on 'continual rising'!

You command the magical powers vibrating in every cell of your body and exude  joy and inspiration.

Embrace the full power spectrum of being a woman and this is one of the greatest gifts you've given yourself. 

HAVE WAY MORE FUN! No letting what other people think of you stop you from choosing!

🎯 Now is the time to go beyond feeling confused about the who, what, where & how to focus.         

🎯 Now is the time to not just, make it through. You can Revel in being You & Thrive! 

🎯 Now is the time to tap into the Gleeful Potency of Gratitude & Acknowledgment.


🎯 Now is the time for YOU to be seen and heard!

🎯 Now is the time to Rise Up and Shine. Receive all the Treasures of Pleasure with Your Body!

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