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Voice It: Your Resonant Frequency & Everyday Telepathy

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Everything here has a vibration, a resonant frequency.

Planet Earth, it's atmosphere & our bodies are so special we get to make & hear sound!*

You are unique and so is your vocal imprint!

Are you connecting with your voice, with your body and your sound?

Is now the time?

Your body and voice are miraculous instruments that contribute to everything you are creating. Everything you're ‘wishing’ for. They're also keys to unlocking and growing your everyday telepathic skills. Yes Really!!!!

It does help to practice Telepathy with someone you feel close to. Someone who you can drop your barriers with and be vulnerable. Telepathy is merely the 8th sense, acknowledged in ancient times and forgotten in the sands of time. As we ascend an connect with our true selves unlocking our capacities it will become as common as a cup of tea! Just watch, no more secrets no more lies!

Like anything else we learn in life, it's a muscle and requires patience and practice! Let's do it!

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