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Beyond the Constructs of Time...

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

TIME is it real?

Climb aboard for the ride of your life, or is it with your life?

We’ve come a long way since the stone-age!

Or have we?

Time is not a construct that can be relied upon.

There’s no way of knowing for sure what is real for each person in what you consider to be the now!

Time is an illusion!

We have created these constructs of solidity with time that keep us bound to the dominant reality as if it is the only one and that our point of view is real and true. Yet for many of us there are moments of strange and often uncomfortable fluidity between past, present and future.

Where the portal opens and we remember things only to discover they haven’t happened yet. Where we glimpse the past at the same time as being in the present.

One day during a workshop lunch break, I was walking down a busy city street and suddenly I was experiencing 2 different places and times simultaneously.

It was like an overlay appeared and I was in an old Indian marketplace.

Complete with snake charmers, people selling produce and wares, musicians and dancers.

All the while I was still seeing people passing by me on a bustling city street.

It was freaky and very cool!

Have you ever been to an ancient site, be it land or buildings, and thought you could ‘almost’ see and hear people and animals from that time?

Maybe even smell them? What if it wasn’t almost?

What if you were actually having a ‘time bleed’ experience?

We are often so ready to shut down the possibility of that which is ‘out of the ordinary’.

And so, I have a question for you.

What will you discover and how much more fun will you have if you engage with possibilities beyond the constructs of time and the linearity of this reality?

And will you let go, destroy and uncreate everything that stops you?

Are You Ready to Play?

Gratitude for YOU


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