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Energetic Overwhelm?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019


Breath...Sigh...Just Be with You for a few moments!

That’s better!

Where are You today?

Wherever you be there is no doubt a smorgasbord of different energies swirling in the ether.

So many people I know are Empathic and so often ask how NOT to go into overwhelm!

The Answer I like to Give....

My response always begins present...connect with your body, the Earth and the Universe, God, Source (whatever that is for you) and s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

Stretch your body, mind and spirit! & Destroy and Uncreate everything that is not yours!

Being present allows YOU to be the dominant energy & the powerful vibration of conscious creation!

It sure is my experience anyway!

I can say for sure that it’s when I’m running on auto-pilot that things can be uneasy, messy or even downright dangerous.

You know, those moments of disconnect that result in you;

creating a car accident

walking into a glass wall

falling over,

forgetting to take your passport to the airport.


Thinking that everything is about you or your fault


It can see you staying or going somewhere that is not great fun (or even worse Yikes!).

I bet you can add a few to that list huh?!

There’s a space when you’re potently present, where

it's nigh impossible for anything to hide and mess with you.

With every thought, word and deed ….YOU are the Creator of Your Reality!


Gratitude for YOU


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