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Are You Communicating?

A shout out to these incredible, magical bodies that are in so much allowance of our choices that it never ceases to amaze and astound me!

What can you be grateful for with your body today?

What’s is going on with you and your body and the way you communicate with each other? Can it be greater?

For years my body has been asking me to care for it!

I’ve been near death many times. Even in the past few years, with Acute Renal Failure and Pancreatitis. I watched and felt my body weight and fat ballooning to really uncomfortable and I could feel the load on my liver and kidneys.

It’s been a while since I began asking myself what will it take and what will it be like to have communion with my body, care for it and to move with lightness and ease?

When Richard and I chose to come to Bali it was the only place on the planet that popped. Neither of us had this country on our list of 'gottagothere'!

Yet choosing to come here is a massive contribution to deep connecting and co-creating with my body.

It has not all been easy!

It's shown up in so many ways that were unexpected.

I had to let go of 'making it all about our business'.

I chose to listen to my body and ask it to lead.

I imagined I would be trekking and cycling, all sorts of physical adventures.

Nope! Not what my body had on it’s list at all.

It’s a time of rejuvenating, regenerating and gentleness!!! lol

My body even chose to go vegan. Totally left field for me, yes VEGAN! lol

And you know what… it’s easy. Like Ridiculously easy.

I’ve had some major awareness around my body including the disconnect and conflict between what my mouth wants and what my whole body is asking for!

This journey with my body has me tapping into telepathic/communication beyond words in a different way again. Rich and I are really building this muscle with how we are creating the business of living. (A free telepathy call is coming up late next week so stay tuned and if you're really excited about it.. flick me an email)

The beautiful connection with me, my body and the Earth continues to grow.

As I head out to crack the 150- second planking ceiling, I grin with gratitude and that humble wonder … how did I get so lucky?

Thanks for being here.

I am so truly grateful!


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