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Not the Destination


It’s not that I have it all sorted. I know deeply it’s the journey…not just the destination.

It is that the choices I make create my life to be greater every day. 

It’s not that I don’t hear the voices or perceive the energies of discontent and destruction.

It is that I can now change those energies with an acknowledgement and a choice to be, think and do what will change the vibration, raise the vibration. 

It is that in communion with my body, the planet, light beings, elementals and the Source of All that Is… 

I Raise My Awareness and my Joy levels!

With this my body fills with delicious peace, happiness and gratitude.

The ability to have this has not happened overnight. 

I have and continue to invest and practice being the greatest version of me with the choices I make each day.

I playfully develop my Sensate Superpower Abilities.

Letting go of worrying about whether I fit in.

Gratitude Presence Questions Choice

Touch the Air


Flowers bloom

With no thought of you nor I

And yet

When  admired with a thought, a gaze 

When words of kindness touch the air

A gift is received


Never truly alone nor in isolation

Separation is not real

Just Nonsensical fabrication 


Discount not the power you wield

Every moment

Every thought

Every word

Every deed

Has a vibration and brings with it creation



All the fanfare 

All the claiming 

Won’t destroy the magic waiting 

From the distance hear the straining 

Earth is tort

Intensity is building from the outside in 

…the inside out 

For every doubt 

Does pressure build and leads to war 

Within and with each other

Fear not 

Your joy can lift the mountains 

Know no limits 

Be the fountain



I Do Believe In Fairies


I do believe in faeries ... sprites and all beasts and birds of land sea and air

the magic of the mountains seas and plains

The precious jewel that be the rain..

Ocean, beyond land pull gravity

Force of Life, the air, the air the air…is everywhere!

Fire, spark, ignite, Flame, Burn, Ravage….warm

The Earth… ah the Earth.. 

Keeper of magic, mysteries…

Always gifting




I be the light and stars 


Sounding Creation




There’s a ripple….ever flowing from the inner to the outer….

The vibration of creation and destruction and creation

There is no end and no beginning in this space where time’s illusion holds no credence

The Is... I Am …We are… this frequency prevails and grows in power


The hour of waiting this has passed

The words of doubt no longer serve

What is the sound of future

Reverberating from within ready to come forth?

What secrets ?

What mysteries are you ready to unfold?

What story begs to now be told? 


Be Strong Be Courage

Be Light Be Joy

Be Vulnerable Be Kindness

Be Present Know Be Possibility


Everything you’ve dreamed and yearned for is now here….


Be Generous and Receive….

Call Out


Time Out…it sure isn’t in! 

Portals opening, merging 

Beyond the world according to Google


I’m here, there and so many where’s

I’m beginning to grasp the multiness of my dimensions…..

And yours?!?


Breath it deep and slow

I’m in the marrow of the bones 

I’m in the vessels pumping blood

The redness embracing me.

The muscles remembering


The sack inside my belly 

Breaths and beats

Digesting more than just the food I eat


My lungs breath with the Earth

My heart grooves to the core

What’s more

My molecules sing

I’m my own rock band with orchestra and 1000 voice choir


The sound that is

The cosmic drone 

Holds and lifts whilst the axis tilts

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