"The World's First Quantum-Energy

Wellness System activated from any device"

Dellanny & Ryck on Limbic Arc!

Welcome, Welcome Welcome!

After trying many products and modalities we have finally found a life changing wellness enhancer! We love this technology and encourage

anyone reading this to jump on board for a FREE TRIAL! 

We both have and continue to experience amazing results with the Limbic Arc Technology. Better sleep.

Clear thinking.Increased Energy!

Radically improved digestion and life long Eczema almost gone!

Our relationship has gone from good to great. With so much more love and kindness (even during lockdown). 

The Quantum Healing Explanation.

In order to understand how this amazing Quantum Healing app works

"Click ON" the three short videos !. For those who prefer a written explanation, see below!




The Basics.

Limbic Arc is a Quantum Wellness Technology providing you, the user, with access to over 600 Nutracueticals  delivered directly to your Quantum Field 24/7, in a way that your physical and energetic body can easily absorb no matter where you are in the world!

This cutting edge technology includes a library of ingredients/quantum information stored in the internet cloud and accessed through the Limbic Arc Software.                 

The Quantum field is an energetic field of information that we are all connected to and influenced by. Everything in existence including inanimate objects is part of the Quantum field.

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Just set the program to run and it will continually provide the Wellness information for up to two weeks!


Imagine being able to receive the benefits of taking supplements, nutraceuticals, minerals, herbs, homeopathic's and known remedies etc for a fraction of the cost.


It even gets better than that!

Limbic Arc utilises voice recognition and kinaesthetic response  technology to create a customised experience for each individual user. The program analyses the users voice and movement to recommend the ingredients that are most needed by the body to create ultimate wellness!                                 

Dr Vaughan Cook, the inventor of Limbic Arc has been involved in the medical field for over 40 years, tirelessly researching and mastering TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Quantum healing technologies. He pioneered the F.D.A. approved medical device that is Zyto™ technology, used by many doctors and practitioners worldwide.

Dr Cook is recognised internationally for his role in the development of cutting edge medical technology and acknowledged as an authority in this arena.


His passion and commitment to creating a better world through 'wellness' led to the creation of Limbic Arc, a unique addition to the field of quantum wellness!  


Limbic Arc is not a medical device is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. It is a wellness technology.                                  

The technology is revolutionary and it offers a new possibility with it's cutting edge science.

We watched the explanation videos many times to understand Limbic Arc and still there was nothing like trying it out!

We recommend jumping on board for a few months to really create wellness changes. That being said many people notice life changing results within days or weeks! Everyone is so different and results may show up completely

different to expectations. 


Communication with the person who introduced to Limbic Arc is key. 

Let's have fun with this amazing  journey. You may notice gradual improvements in unexpected areas of your life. More happiness, more calmness and more vitality to name a few!

Quantum Testimonials and Info.

These are real stories of people who have been using the

technology for a few months! Click ON the top right to bring up a list. We will add more a time goes by- ENJOY!


The Limbic Arc technology isn't designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. What you are listening to are people's personal experiences with the Limbic Arc Technology and any information is provided for educational purposes only.