Dec 12th 2022 

What if you can embrace your VOICE with confidence, Whether you're speaking or singing?

Are you ready to experience how much more there is to your Voice and the expression of your message without reservation or fear?

Is NOW the time to tap into the power of your voice, and strengthen and care for it too? 

With 'Connected Voice', you can engage the magic palette of your unique voice, and sound. 


Did You Know?

Up to 75% of people say they fear communicating in front of a group more than they fear dying!

That's what 'they' say. Isn't that wild?

And now after years of lockdowns, disconnection, and more online communication, there are a whole new array of pressures, phobias and anxieties arising around communication. 

I know after working with people from all over the world it really is one of the great challenges. 




More than words, sounds, or songs...


Your Voice...

is the Expression of You in the World

When you connect with the power of your voice….


You express yourself, your message, and your wisdom with confidence and clarity. You call the future to you now!


Increasing your confidence and trust in yourself and your voice will show up in the best version of you.

Happier, more relaxed, joyful, and able to create and receive with ease1 


Raise Your Abundance Quotient Now!!! With Your Very Own Voice

It really will make your life sing!


You can go beyond the limits and restrictions of old patterns and beliefs and have the freedom to show up in the world as the dynamic, authentic YOU.  


How does that sound?


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Many life experiences impact the way we express ourselves in the world.

The way we communicate, and the confidence we have in being heard and seen. 


These can include;

  • Remnants of trauma and abuse

  • Giving up your power to people or organisations/groups..

  • Allowing others to shut you down.

  • Being told your voice is terrible, or you sound terrible.

  • Worrying that you're not good enough, good-looking enough or that you're too old or to young! 

  • Losing your confidence and/or clarity about what you're creating due to life's adventures! (illness, accident, breakup, motherhood, financial woe).

  • Deeply embedded societal and cultural views. (sometimes rather sneaky)

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Heading 1


Sometimes the running scripts are hidden and... sometimes you know them.

You know they aren't true and yet... they persist in holding you back.


ing 1

In this interactive online workshop you'll discover, receive and embed


5 Transformative Voice Connection Strategies

You'll have a deeper connection with your Voice & it's Power.

You'll be more confident and clear.


  • Connecting with the instrument - your body

  • Vocal warmups - the who, what, where, when and why! 

  • Reframe the Pre-frame - who’s running the show - mind hacks for self-leadership

  • Using your vocal sound palette - exploring tone, colour, timbre

  • Rhythm, Melody of your sound (yes there is melody in speaking!)

  • Heart Centred Voice



Be on the path to more confident communication anywhere! 


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Is something holding you back from having the confidence to express yourself in the way you really want to? 

Is it affecting the quality of your interactions, your relationships, your career or business? 


Would you love more connection with your voice?  

Are you ready for more connection with your people, your audience, colleagues, your partner, kids, family, or your business?