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Success Stories

Bettina Laux.jpg

Bettina Laux, Germany

“The Clarity And Awareness I Gained Are Making A Tremendous

Difference In My Business

And… My Life!” 

Julie Hall.png

Julie Hall, England

“This Changed My Life In Such A BIG Way… My Marriage Is Better, I Got A New Job And Money Is Flowing In Effortlessly!” 

patricia reynard.jpg

Patricia Reynolds, U.K

One session with Delany and it felt like everything that was holding me back suddenly shifted.  Soon after opportunities started showing up out of nowhere.


Tracy Howlett, U.K

Just two sessions with Delany have released and changed more for my daughter than many (many) singing lessons and attempts at therapy elsewhere have got anywhere near to achieving


Shelly Okun, Israel

I had my private session with dear Delany this morning and it was beyond words, a true gift. We went deep to the core and I ended up full of joy energy to create. Life changing!


Denise Porter, Toronto

I have worked with an extensive number of energy healers and some are better than others but Delaney was exceptional. She was able to make me connect to my inner warrior princess in one session and to feel hope for the future.