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Candy Cotton

The Phenomenal Voice Project

    Connect with the Creation Power, Confidence & Charisma of

Your Authentic VOICE


Your Voice is more than just the words that roll off your tongue.
It's the Unique Expression of You in the World

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Do you know that you have gifts, talents, knowledge… a way of living life that when shared can generate more peace, happiness, wealth, and kindness in the world whether your audience is your clients, community or friends and family? 


Is it time to stop hiding and holding back your gifts?

When you connect and embody the power of your authentic voice you can go beyond the fear and doubt and express yourself, from the heart, with confidence and clarity. 

You can transform your life, relationships, and business.

You can awaken to the future that’s waiting for you

With The Phenomenal Voice Project's "5 Pillars of Voice Power" you'll discover simple processes that can give you the tools & confidence you need to

Be Heard, Seen, & Receive!

Do You Experience....

  • Wishing you weren’t so nervous or scared to speak in front of people or in front of a camera?

  • Letting the ‘fear’ of failing, or making a fool of yourself, or being rejected stop you from expressing yourself?

  • Getting confused or flustered when expressing your thoughts, beliefs or message?’?

  • Running out of breath when you speak a long sentence?

  • Feeling like your voice is stuck in your throat?

  • Disliking the sound of your own voice

  • Voice fatigue if you have to talk for a long time. 

There's no time like NOW to LET GO of all the lies & ‘hold back’ excuses


              Connect with your Voice, it's Power & Charisma

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Over the course of 6 weeks you will get to...

  • Embody the simple '5 Pillars of Voice Power'

  • Connect with Your Instrument 

  • Get the Reframe Preframe Mindhack 

  • Breathe Easy…RELAX

  • Play with your voice to expand your expression and impact. 

  • Increase confidence in your voice and everything else that is magic about YOU

  • Learn how to love your voice and care for it.

  • Access Deep Heart Brain coherence with your Expressive Voice Power.

  • Discover the musicality of your message, with tools and techniques for crafting and honing your heart-centered message with potency and *prosody! (the patterns of rhythm and sound)

  • All the world's your stage so learn skills to go beyond fear and confusion. Get comfortable with your body.

  • Embrace the potency of the 'Pleasure Vibration'

  • Release hidden blocks and resistances that have been holding you back.

  • Be astounded by the power of your sound.

  • Have fun and laugh lots!

Each week builds, stacking skills and interactive exercises so that by course completion you can radiate more confidence, clarity, and connection with your authentic voice and your audience.

Join The Phenomenal Voice Project and you'll receive: 


  •  6 x weekly 60 -90 minute experiential online Zoom classes 

  •  weekly 60-minute Q & A online Zoom sessions



  • Exclusive access to the Private TPVP FB Community for inspiration, contribution and regular momentum blasts and tips. 

BONUS #1 Brain Hack Meditations for increased clarity and release

BONUS #2 Be in the draw for a Private Coaching session with Me!

Share Your Heart-Centred Message

Across the planet there is so much separation, confusion, and turmoil. 

 It’s time for us all to step into a new way of being, doing, and creating. 

We can’t be wasting time waiting to be saved. As said by the Hopi Indian Elders,


  “we are the people we’ve been waiting for”

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Hi! My name is Delany Delaney and I know what it’s like to feel trapped inside, silenced, terrified to speak or sing in front of people and frustrated by not knowing how to break out of the cage and express myself with confidence.

I loved singing when I was a kid, and by the time I turned 14,  things I'd experienced left me terrified to sing or speak in front of groups. I hid in a haze of partying and denial of my gifts for many years. 


 ...she  took me past the fear of speaking.  With no nerves, just excitement, I am able to be completely present – and that’s where the inspiring bit kicks in.       

Carol  Hautot Cairns 

“Delany, you helped me to connect with my very source in a way I never had before. The exercises we did, how you coached me really helped me to be aware of where I am holding myself back - and I let things go in the moment. You intuitively hit the spot time after time. 

Bettina Laux Germany 


For a long time, I felt shut down and uncomfortable in expressing my true self.  I felt anxious and unable to fully trust myself. 

Since working with Delany, my throat is clearer and my heart is much calmer.

I have much more connection and confidence with my body and voice. The level of clarity this has brought to my life is off the charts! I no longer feel like I’m cut off and in two parts.

Everything positive in my life is amplified, including a feeling of overall calm! I’m less reactive, clearer and I have more orgasmic sexual energy! My relationship with my husband continues to deepen! And my business is growing! 

Thank You Delany!...

Andy Pentecost - Beck, Australia.


Delany you have given me and lots of other people a voice, and also the power to accept their own voice and the knowledge that they can do more than they ever thought possible.  I now sing and play my ukulele for age care patients, making their day a little better.  Without you, I never would have had the courage to do that. I did not think I could ever do such a thing.  Thank you!

Joke Veitch-Vaneechoutte 


She masterfully facilitated each of us beyond our cultural and social entrainment into greater authenticity with our unique expression through our voice.

I went along with my family and we all came away feeling inspired and with great confidence with our voices. It was a lot of fun and Delany is really good at what she does.

John Andros


Delany’s work with children is unique and inspirational.  She assisted my daughter with self-confidence issues that affected her mental health and also her abilities with performing arts.  Just two sessions with Delany have released and changed more for my daughter than many (many) singing lessons and attempts at therapy elsewhere got anywhere near to achieving.  It is wonderful to hear my daughter singing, speaking out, and performing so confidently.

Tracy Howlett. UK 


Enroll now!

Places are limited so I can provide you with the attention

and input to get the results you’re asking for!

I met a theatre director and together we sparked an inclusive performing arts movement that touched the lives of thousands of people over the years. It changed my life too! 

Before I knew it I was a theatre director, performer, and singer-songwriter. I joined bands and musical projects spoke at conferences and had side projects going all over the place. I even got to sing onstage at the Lincoln Centre in New York City!!


For the first 2 years of performing or public speaking I would be physically ill for a couple of days before the event. I knew I had to change it or give it away. 


I majored in Communication and Sociology at Uni and travelled the world, trained and worked with theatre and choir directors, voice teachers, professional dancers, musicians and spiritual teachers.     I trained in different energy healing modalities, bodywork and studied consciousness.                           I have an unquenchible thirst for learning!


I have worked with people from all walks of life, from community to the corporate sector, including people with disabilities, Indigenous people, youth, lawyers, scientists, and people in the prison system.


I have seen and personally experienced the miraculous transformational power of connecting your voice with body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve witnessed people speak after years of silence, grow from isolation to connection, discover and rediscover creative talents and step into their confidence and self to express themselves and their message. 

I discovered how to go beyond the fears, connect with my voice and reframe those nerves to fuel. 


I’ve worked with thousands of people over the decades facilitating them to connect deeply with their authentic voice, their body and expand their abilities and belief in their own power. 


And I’ve learnt how to make it easy!  I’d love to share that journey with you. 

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